Davis Energy Group

Codes and Standards

Davis Energy Group has been active in California Title 20 and Title 24 codes and standards activities for over 20 years. DEG is currently under contract to PG&E to raise the 2019 Title 24 standards to the ZNE level. This effort focuses on completing targeted research and developing the documents that will facilitate the necessary codes and standards changes.

In 1990, DEG developed the first detailed water heating methodology for Title 24. Over the years DEG has had a central role in updating the water heating methodology in each Title 24 cycle. Other Title 24 activities include:

  • Development of an hourly modeling approach for advanced evaporative coolers,
  • Title 24 recognition of night ventilation cooling (2013 Standards)
  • Mandatory requirements for improved pool system design, and
  • Development of the attic radiant barrier compliance option

In addition to Title 24 activities, DEG has been active in Title 20 Appliance Standards.  DEG coordinated the development of 20 Code and Standards Enhancement (CASE) reports for PG&E in support of the California 2005 appliance standards revisions.

DEG’s current core emphasis in this area relates to water heating activities and efficient HVAC options.

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