Davis Energy Group


Formsulate® Concrete Insulation

Formsulate® allows for substantial energy savings while allowing concrete subs to continue using standard forming practices and single pours common in new construction. It insulates the exterior edges of a slab foundation and eliminates the need to strip form boards after the concrete has cured and for secondary application of insulating foam. The insulation provides an average savings of 60 therms/year with even greater savings for buildings with hydronic heat. Formsulate can provide a 10 to 20 percent savings on winter heating bills. It was developed by DEG with funding from the National Energy Technology Laboratory, and is patented. Formsulate also utilizes unique termite-resistant features in both the foam material and extrusion profile to enable use in areas of heavy termite infestation.

Other products developed by DEG include:

  • NightSky – A roof spray cooling system that can produce water temperatures below the wet bulb temperature and can be used to for direct cooling or to replace cooling towers.
  • SunCache – A low cost polymer-based “ICS” solar water heater.
  • HyPak – A high efficiency rooftop package unit that incorporates evaporative cooling of the condenser and evaporative pre-cooling of make-up air.
  • Rapid Radiant – A method for configuring rolls of radiant tubing with pre-attached and tested manifolds that cuts the installation time for large radiant heating systems. This concept is now marketed by Uponor as Radiant Rollout Mat and Viega as Climate Mat.
  • I-HVCD – An integrated heating, ventilation, cooling, and dehumidification system. The system is comprised of an indoor split system coil that mounts on top of furnaces and connects to any outdoor unit, and specialized controls. Tested in Gainsville, Florida the system maintained nearly constant relative humidity and indoor temperature setpoints under a wide variety of temperature and relative humidity conditions.
  • DualCool – An accessory for packaged rooftop units (RTUs), which are commonly used in low rise non-residential buildings, that evaporatively pre-cools both condenser air and ventilation air.
  • NightBreeze® – A ventilation cooling system using a variable speed blower interfaced with intelligent, adaptive controls that reduce cooling energy use and energy demand.
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