Davis Energy Group

Water Heating

Davis Energy Group plays a prominent role in water heating research. Current activities include:

  • As a primary subcontractor to Gas Technology Institute, DEG is leading CEC sponsored efforts on assessing advanced residential gas water heating in California. DEG research activities include an 18 home field monitoring study, enhancement of simulation tools, hot water surveys, and development of a design guide.
  • Leading Title 24 water heating update efforts.

In addition to our involvement in Title 24 activities, DEG has completed numerous monitoring studies on residential water heating systems, distribution systems, and alternative water heating systems (e.g. solar and three function heat pumps). CEC PIER-funded research on tankless water heaters led to DEG’s recognition of the cycling degradation inherent to these systems and spurred further study by other researchers across the country. With funding from DOE’s Building America program, DEG developed the HWSIM hot water distribution system model, which provides the necessary high-resolution modeling needed to assess distribution system performance during typical short duration draw events. Under Building America funding, DEG developed a detailed water heater selection criteria guideline for use by industry. This tool will allow for local utility rates, hot water load estimates, and actual field performance estimates to determine the performance and cost-effectiveness of competing technologies.

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